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Network engineering

The world we live and work in is shaped and cross-linked by technically highly complex communications structures. There is enormous innovation pressure, demands directed at networks change at rapid pace. Increasingly powerful and capable devices and applications raise the level of expectations and demand for high quality connectivity. Massively increasing numbers of exceedingly mobile users require expanded bandwith and dynamic adaptivity of networks. Optimised usability must be insured for all users permanently. Disturbance sources need to be identified and minimised. The focus is on lean and efficient network infrastructure. A network must be constantly monitored and optimised 24/7 by up-to-date network management systems.

The experts of LAKESIDE are at your side in facing up to these tasks of optimising and increasing the efficiency of complex system structures. Thus you are better positioned to react upon changing conditions dynamically and flexibly.

  • Network audit analysis comprising segments and network elements
  • Capacity and traffic planning, traffic models
  • Opex optimisation
  • Investigating potential fault sources
  • Network infrastructure redesign and optimisation
  • Increasing network security and stability
  • Network commissioning